A healthy life starts in the,
udder of a Dutch cow.


Welcome at Vitomega

Health supporting products from the fertile Dutch soil. Dutch dairy cattle provide this golden product, Bovine Colostrum, We collect from our farmers, we process, and finally  we market the various types of Colostrum powder. To be used in food, feed, supplements, drinks etc.

Provide health boosters from young animals to senior people. Every stage in-between will benefit from the good ingredients inside Colostrum. Improved immunity, optimal gut health, perfect skin and mucosa, even cellular repair and tumor preventive substances have been described.


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Kaak 3, 5763 PK Milheeze (NL)
+ 31 (0) 492 - 36 22 33

Capsulation, Chewables, Oral care products, Protein shakes, Col. casein products

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