Vitomega Colostrum B.V turns Mother Nature’s unique super-food into a product that’s stable, convenient and safe. We are proud to produce products that are the best in the industry with the health of your livestock, pets and family in mind.

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What do we do?

Vitomega Colostrum has developed in recent years into the leading player in the market for colostrum. we only collect from Dutch dairy farms due to the high quality standard. We do not only collect the colostrum, but we also help optimizing the colostrum management of our suppliers.


We sample the colostrum that arrives at our plant. We do this through a carefully developed sampling process. We analyze every container with colostrum for Brix value.

Sampling frozen colostrum

After the brix analyses, the samples of colostrum are checked for antibiotic residues in our lab.

Check for antibiotic residues

If the brix value is above 17 and negative on antibiotic, the buckets are selected in different quality grades.


The buckets with different quality grades are loaded. The frozen colostrum gets processed into colostrum powder.

Loading the colostrum

By being closely involved with the wishes of our customer, Vitomega is able to offer the right product for the right application.