A healthy life starts in the,
udder of a Dutch cow.


Vitomega was founded by two directors, Joop Nohlmans and Erwin van de Pasch. Both originate from Unilever companies.

Joop Nohlmans was working for many years international, employed by a Unilever genetic company.

Erwin was employed by Unilever in their animal nutrition company and later he joint the genetic subsidiary as well.

During the 90’s these genetic activities covered almost the whole world.


Vitomega was founded as an independent company in order commercialize products out of controlled production chains. From farmer till consumer.

Till now Vitomega is involved in products  produced and processed in the Netherlands where most projects are supported by the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture and the Certifying Authorities

GMP +The collecting of Bovine Colostrum started on request of a related company in the beginning of 2008. Up to know it has grown into a professional system of collecting and processing of Colostrum powder of various qualities.

Since the beginning of 2009 Vitomega has taken over all the Colostrum activities in collecting, contracted processing and international sales of final products.